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Getting Invloved in Church

My husband and I have recently started settling into a routine and are realizing we have more free time than we thought. We wanted to work on our personal spiritual growth so we decided to volunteer more at our church. We thought this would be the perfect time to volunteer since we don’t have kids and we have 8-5 jobs. As we researched more and more ways to serve, we found several ways that are flexible to most peoples schedule regardless what their busy lives look like.

Ways to Serve at Church

Small Groups – If you belong to a large church like we do, it is easy to feel lost and stuck going through the motions of church when no one notices you. Even in a small church, joining a small group will allow you to not only meet new people but to develop a stronger relationship with Christ.

Bible studies – You can teach your own class if nothing is being offered or you can find someone who’s passionate about a subject and ask them to help lead or teach a class on certain parts of the Bible. My husband and I are helping teach confirmation classes for the second year and although there is A LOT that we don’t know about the Bible, we have many people we can go to for help and advice and we enjoy watching the kids learn.

Become a Mentor – Leading a small group/life group is another good way to get involved. My husband and I currently lead our own life groups that consist of 4-5 boys/girls that we hang out with every week and talk about life and God. There’s always an opportunity to share your experiences with someone younger than you.

Worship– If you are more musically talented, you can volunteer with worship by singing, choir, or playing an instrument. This is something that doesn’t necessarily require a weekly commitment if your church has enough people to switch out.

Children Ministry – There are many opportunities to help with kids even if you don’t have the experiences. Sometimes kids just want someone to talk to or be there for them. Many churches allow you to help out in these age groups: Nursery, Elementary, Middle School, Jr High, High School, College Kids (If there is a nearby college).

Hospitality and Other Opportunities:

  • Serving food for events
  • Serving coffee
  • Greeting people or simply opening the door for them
  • Handing out bulletins – folding bulletins
  • Seasonal decorations – putting up and taking down
  • Ushers and Communion – if your church allows it 
  • Cleaning up after services
  • Contacting new members – Contacting members who have stopped going
  • Prayer groups

Community – There are many opportunities to serve your church inside your community. Ask your church to see how exactly they get involved. Some ways may be through a local outreach program, schools, hospitals,  or nursing homes. Our church offers a service called Prison Ministries. This allows you to go to the nearby prisons and talk to those who are incarcerated and the families of those who are suffering.

Mission Trips – Mission trips are a great way to serve outside of your community and church. Most people think that mission trips are very expensive and require you to visit another country. You can also take a mission trip to local cities. My husband and I volunteered last summer with the youth at our church and we went to Denver Colorado spending the week volunteering there. This summer we plan to go with the youth to Chicago Illinois. I’ve also done volunteer work in Memphis Tennessee. All of these cities have programs that help you find ways to help whether they be through soup kitchens, boys and girls clubs, ministering to locals and the homeless.

With most skills, if you ask around at your church, it shouldn’t take long for someone to find a place for you to help out and volunteer. Sometimes it may seem like you may not be doing enough because other ways to serve seem “better” but it is important to know that no matter what way you choose to serve, each way is equally as significant. The work that is done that isn’t seen upfront is also important to keeping a church running smoothly. Folding bulletins may not seem like a fun and meaningful way to serve, but taking a friend, making the most of the time, talking to others and the end results of letting others know whats going on in the church is more important than perceived.

I challenge each person that reads this to find a way to serve in their church, or community. Big or small, take the chance to find time even if it may be once a month. I promise the more effort you put into serving, the more you will get in return. It will help your own personal and spiritual growth and you never know the opportunities that may come from it.

-The Simple Average Wife-


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