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Decoration Ideas for Your First Home

As a first time home owner, it can be hard to find ways to fill your space if your moving from home or an apartment. The dollar signs add up if you try to purchase everything right away as well. Most of the furniture my husband and I have were either given to us for free or I already obtained living in different apartments throughout college. The biggest challenge for me was to not buy everything right away so that it would match and look like something out of a magazine. (Proud of you that can make your home look that good) I have found that finding pieces over time are actually easier for fitting a theme or style and easier on your wallet. I also love to craft, so although not all my pieces are going to last forever or are made of high quality, they were easy and cheap to make so they will work until we save up for the items we really want.


Starting with my bedrooms, (Master on the Left, Guest on the Right) I feel that I have put more time into the guest room than the master because I know that my husband and I would like to save up for a king bed (this was his bed before we were married and its too manly for my liking) that will set the theme of the master bedroom.


In the guest room we have a mirror on a crate with a vase and fake flowers. This similar photo has also been shared several times on Pinterest – someone got off my Facebook I suppose – but this is the updated version with a new mirror. All items in this photo were purchased from Wal-Mart! I painted the crate gray and then lightly painted again with white. I then sanded it (you can’t tell from the picture) to add a more rustic/worn look.


I’ve also made a wifi password picture for guest since our password is so weird and I don’t know how to change it. This was made on word and printed off and placed in a picture frame.



Living Room

living-roomWe are still working on out living space but we know it will take time to find the right
items and to hopefully find items on sale. We love our rug but as you can tell, it is too small for out space, but we don’t mind because that happens! We know our house IS NOT perfect! Some of these items I’ve purchased at yard sales, like my magazine rack and coffee table.

Some of the crafts I have worked on are the sofa/entrance table, coasters, and I have filled up space with a “cat corner” their spoiled…

I made my home sweet home sign out of scrap hardwood floor pieces using wood glue to hold together into a square. The other items are from local thrift shops, or Hobby Lobby – ONLY on SALE! If I love something I wait until the week it is on sale to purchase it. If i miss out then oh well! The crate in the corner is like the crate in the guest room but I simply stained this one a dark brown.

My coasters are made from floor tiles you can buy scraps or from your local hardware place. Mod podge keeps the photos protected and glued to the tiles. I glued a thick felt type paper to the back of the tiles so they don’t scratch any surfaces. I’ve had them for at least 4 years now and they are still working well and looking great! My most expensive purchase in this area was the wedding picture frames. I still haven’t purchased the glass for the frames but I did have the photos heated to a cardboard material to keep them straight and lasting longer.

Guest Bathroom

This room matches the least in our house but I really enjoy it because it has more of a personal touch. We have collected sand, shells, sand dollars and more from the different beaches we’ve been too and I wanted to display them so we have done more of a subtle beach theme with blues and browns to try to tie it to the rest of the home.

This is also where I need to apologize that some of these photos are such poor quality. I broke my phone and the cheap one I’m using has the worse camera! I usually use my husbands but he was not around so maybe one day I’ll update them…or maybe not…how bout upon request for anyone who would like to see more detail…IDK!

Dining, Kitchen, Laundry 

In my dining room, I found this mirror at Kohl’s on sale (and with Kohl’s cash) for $20! My kitchen I have made my “EAT” letters and added a M to add simple decor that can be painted to match any style. My laundry room, I placed ..what I would call…silverware drawer liners??  The plastic-y liners that go in your kitchen drawers…well I bought them and placed them over the plain wire shelves in both my laundry room and my pantry. I think it adds a cute look to the plain wire and prevents little things from falling through! I also added my “WASH” letters for a bit of color.


I may have to come back and add to this one –or post a separate blog because I make A LOT of crafts, I just don’t have them all out in my house. These are just some of my wreaths I’ve made that cost under $20 each and I was able to style them the way I wanted.


I love my cozy beginner house and I have enjoyed slowly adding new pieces or replacing some of the ones we have obtained for free. My husband could live with just a TV and kitchen table so it’s been a slow battle. I will say it is easier to do these things and keep a clean house when you don’t have kids! I have cats and I think they have enough toys as it is. Maybe in the -far- future I can post an update with life with kids…but no promises!

Always open to suggestions on how to style each room! Let me know.

-The Simple Average Wife-



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