What it’s Really Like to be a Twin


My Viewpoint on Life as a Twin


As a twin, the #1 question we get asked the most is: “What is it like to be a twin?” I’ve decided to sit down and write, to the best of my knowledge, what that answer would be.

Disclaimer, every twin may have a different answer to this question depending on their lifestyle and relationship with their twin. My answer is based off of my opinions, a few facts, and my experiences.

Now my go to answer in short conversation is usually “Idk, pretty normal since I don’t know what it’s like to not be one…” so sometimes I can be a smart aleck.. but we twins have to humor ourselves after being asked the same questions over and over our whole lives, and most questions are rather dumb..in my opinion..

So imagine growing up with a sibling. Now imagine they are the same age as you. Now imagine they look just like you. Like looking in a mirror everyday -Twins don’t always have to look alike, but to understand my viewpoint as an identical twin*, we look exactly alike.- Now picture that you share everything… that’s just the beginning.

  • There are actual 7 different types of twins: Identical, Fraternal, Half-Identical, Mirror Image Twins, Mixed Chromosome Twins, Superfecundation and Superfetation.
  • Naturally conceived twins make up slightly more than 1% of the population. Less than a third of those are Identical.

My twin and I were exactly alike growing up. I had a birthmark so people could tell us apart. We looked the same, had similar likes and dislikes etc. Now that we’re older (and since most people ask – yes we are the same age-23. yes we have the same birthday) we have different styles, friends, and personalities – but our mannerisms have mostly stayed the same. Brooke (my twin) had dyed her hair blonde and wears less makeup than I and she plays more video games – has a computer engineering degree. I have never dyed my hair, I wear more makeup, watch a lot of HGTV, craft more and I have a business management degree.  So we have changed quit a bit but very much still alike!


Here’s some things to what it’s like being a twin:

You Get Two Names

Until you get older and start to develop your own personalities and styles, no one really knows who is who without serious thought so your constantly being called the wrong name. It happens so often you start to respond to both out of habit. Even as you get older it is still common for people to call you by your twins name. The other day at work, I decided to not wear makeup and my boss -MY BOSS- called me Brooke! She’s only met her a few times but she decided I looked more like Brooke that day and it somehow slipped (???) but being a twin and thinking we look nothing alike – its hard for me to understand how this happens.

You Learn to be Friendly to Everyone

Sometimes I may meet someone and not know if they know me and I’ve forgotten who they are or if they know my twin and don’t realize I’m not her. Either way, you just learn to be nice and keep an awkward conversation going. You don’t want someone to think you’re rude or that your twins rude. Other times, people wave or stare at me trying to figure out why I look so familiar- you just smile and wave. In college, most classes had us say a fun fact to introduce ourselves to the rest of the class. I learned to make mine “I’m a twin, so if you see me around campus and I don’t say hi…that’s why.”

You Always Have a Best Friend 

Not all twins get along, and for most of high school, my twin and I didn’t either. Although we argued a lot at the time, we would never let someone else talk bad about the  other. We could, but that was it, no one else. You can always talk to your twin about anything because you have very similar experiences in life growing up. They’re like a best friend for life because you spend your whole life with them so you understand them so much more than an average friendship/relationship.

You are Basically One Person

Your associated as one person “The (Insert Last Name) Twins.” Your hardly ever separated for anything until you get older. As a kid, you are invited to everything your twin is, even if you hardly know the friend because they can’t leave the other twin out. Double the parties, double the fun! And you get the same gifts for everything because people don’t want one twin to feel any different than the other. Did I mention we shared everything and matched clothes. If it wasn’t obvious that you were a twin, lets just add the same clothes so everyone knows that you’re the same person. We didn’t even get more clothes than the average kid. We just had to  share or we just had two of everything.

Trading Places

So another big question that twins are asked is if you’ve ever switched places. Everyone assumes you play tricks and switch places all the time. – We’ve only switched places once that I remember and if we did any other time it was probably to lame of a story to tell anyone. Another time I tried to get her to take my ACT test but she said no-I’m still bitter over that….It would have worked. But we were raised right.. we were taught not to lie, cheat, or do any bad things. So we were basically good kids….sometimes.

Yes Twin Telepathy is Real

Of course you know what the other person is thinking. When you share the same life and everything is similar, you’ve probably already had the same thought. You know each other so well that you know what they are about to do because….I mean “what would I do?” Now the rest of the secrets to twin telepathy… well that stays between us twins.

The Rest of the Random Things That Make Twins…Twins

  • You share most special moments together – Weddings (each others MOH’s -we both got married the same year), Holidays, Graduations, and in the future when we have kids, I know we’ll be there for each other – maybe we can be pregnant at the same time too…it’t not weird because we’re twins!
  • You don’t know who is who in childhood pictures
  • Everyone can’t wait to meet your twin – and then ask you to say something at the same time – because hey its what we do!
  • Everyone tells you that they know twins and are related to twins.
  • You get asked if you know said twins –like there’s some club where we all know each other….
  • You do get your own friends!
  • Twins are competitive.
  • Other friends/siblings may get jealous of the bond between twins, but its not intentional. It’s just how twins are!
  • All the dumb questions you get asked!!

Overall, being a twin is unique and I personally cherish the life experiences I have with her. I don’t know what life would be like without her and I can say that cliche because I really wouldn’t be able to picture not having someone that looks like me, that is always there for me, that understands me because we are basically the same person. It would not be the same. So next time I’m asked what its like being a twin, I may not say pretty normal. Because even though it’s all I know, it is still far from normal. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. If you have any questions about being a twin, add a comment!

*All pictures attached to this webpage are of my twin and I. I do have the rights to all of these photos.

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